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Big Sean and Naya Rivera’s split is getting ugly, you guys…

Big Sean and Naya Rivera Break Up

Here’s a quick rundown of the hilarious uhh… super-serious accusations the couple has been tossing around:

1. Naya says Big Sean stole her Rolex

2. Big Sean says Naya was crazy-controlling and would work herself up into jealous rages and threaten to ruin his career. A lamp may have been broken.

Oh, and all those cheating rumors…

ANYWHO… Naya and Sean tried out couples therapy (because needing counseling less than a year into a relationship is NO reason to throw in the towel…) — and that was apparently when BS realized he wanted to get the hell out.

Big Sean and Naya Rivera Break Up

The good news is, we hear Big Sean has a big ol’ dong, and Naya Rivera has those (possibly) brand-shiny-new boobies…. so, all’s well that ends well?

All the Deets On Big Sean & Naya Rivera’s Breakup:

Big Sean & Naya Rivera’s Engagement OFF — Accusations of Cheating, Stealing

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