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I strangle Beverly Katz, looking in her eyes. She knows me. And I know her. I expertly squeeze the life from her, rendering her unconscious. I freeze her body, preserving shape and form so I can more cleanly dismantle her. She cuts like stone. I pull her apart, layer by layer, like she would a crime scene. This is my design.

Fangirl challenge: {1/100} Deaths - Beverly Katz

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I got to play this amazing woman who didn’t have to sleep with anyone (not that I would have minded) or act dumb and girlie or fawn all over some guy or be a conniving bitch to get people to notice or respect me, and she didn’t speak broken English or karate chop anyone (not that I would have minded). Nobody called her “dragon lady” or “exotic.” She could shoot a gun and drive that FBI SUV like a champ. And all with the extra added bonus of being Jewish. And when I get messages and thank yous from viewers who dig that or are inspired by that, well, that’s what makes any of this worthwhile or mean anything to me. So thank you for that. I love Beverly Katz. And I loved playing her.

(via TumbleOn)
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